Lizete represents all of the characteristics you'll want in a real estate professional. She is extremely knowledgeable about her market, is proactive, responsive, and available. Lizete is extremely well-versed in the byzantine processes of buying property in San Francisco, and make it painless. She clearly takes pride in her profession, and truly cares about her clients. I've bought and sold a number of properties in my life, but Lizete is unique - the best I've ever worked with. So highly recommended.




"We were truly impressed with Lizete's knowledge of properties, her attention to detail, her respect for our process and her knowledge of the market.  We were glad to get her advice and she made us feel comfortable at every step of the process." 


Darius Contractor + Priscilla Scala




I had been renting in SoMa for several years, and I was interested in purchasing something in the neighborhood for quite some time. Lizete understood that I didn't have the same time pressure as many other buyers, and was very accommodating to the low intensity search that I was doing. After getting a feel for what my needs were, Lizete pointed me to a unit that had not even been listed yet. Without her help, there's no way that I would have acquired, or even found, the loft that I am living in today.

Thank you!
V. Pradeep

This being my first home purchase, Lizete really did help make the entire process seem second nature. No matter how big or small of a question I had, she was always available for me - and helped keep us on track for closing. We were in constant communication all day every day, and I really appreciated how accessible she was. On top of things, she's got no shortage of contractors to recommend, one of which saved me a sizable amount of money in renovation costs.
Lizete is exactly what you'd expect in terms of a complete business-woman: 100% no nonsense, and always willing to go above and beyond in order to help make a deal go through. I couldn't be happier with the level of service she provided me during this home purchase, and her services come highly recommended.

Justin M. Hunter

We purchased our first home Dec. 15th 2006, and Liz helped us feel more
comfortable about the process. She put up with a lot from us, because we
joked around with her about everything. But she helped us find the perfect
home. I would like to thank Liz for all the help she provided to us before,
during, and after our home purchase. I would also highly recommend her to
all my friends.

Thank You
Angela Russ



Having Lizete as my Realtor was a truly a breath of fresh air.  She definitely made my relocation to the triangle a top priority. Her personal approach really is top notch and the attention to detail made me feel like I was her only client. If you want first class service see Lizete Santos for all your reality needs!




Joe Andrea






Raj Pandey


It was great working with Lizete. She is very customer-centered, and knowledgeable about all of the local markets. Her advice on markets, home value, areas to search, and the pros and cons of different properties was invaluable. And her adaptability as my preferences changed was outstanding. Lizete followed up with answers to my questions if the information was not immediately available, and she is a great asset when it comes time to negotiate price. Furthermore, she made closing very easy. I am very happy with the service and attention I received.



Yunhui Xu


Lizete was very attentive to our concerns. She listened to what we told her and made every effort to make the process stress free. We had some obstacles along the way but she kept us reassured along every step of the way. She worked diligently and efficiently to make sure that everything went smoothly with our home purchase. I would highly recommend her to any prospective buyers in the area.



Patricia & Dennis Meszler


We moved to NC from out of town and although we loved our house, it was not our home.   I contacted Lizete to come tell us what she thought we could get in the current market for our home.  We had decided to wait to sell, but knew Lizete was the one to do that for us. We contacted Lizete 6 months later and jumped in with 2 feet in a market that was quickly slowing.   Knowing what we put into our house and the market, we set our sights high, but with great guidance from Lizete, we were well aware that we were at a disadvantage due to multiple factors.
With Lizete’s guidance and her ability to communicate effectively while taking feedback, we were successful.  It was not immediate – it took us some time to sell.  We did not need to sell, so we were able to “test” the market, however this was our choice and it paid off for us.    She didn’t push us outside our comfort zone, but provided the information we needed to make an informed decision, but we were in control.    The experience was educational and rewarding.  We effectively utilized the time to locate our target area and focused on that area getting as much information as we could about the target neighborhood.  She was available when we needed her and 99% of the time we dictated when and what time. I would recommend Lizete to anyone who is committed to selling their home in any market who is open to feedback.  Everyone’s goals are different when in a transaction such as selling a house.    Depending on your goal/objective, she will provide the information you need to make an informed decision. 


Her commitment is to her customer – whether you are buying or selling, she will do ALL she can to make sure you get what YOU want.